During 17 years activities, Nasime Sabz Tasvir Company is one of the most successful artistic institutions in Iran.

Our artistic experiences include; Cooperating with Iranian industrial agencies such as 8 banks, oil and gas companies, car manufacturing companies and also all the ministries and organizations.

We have been able to develop our successful interactions and artistic activities not only in the country but also beyond the borders to Asia and Europe.

MBC, the Korean Television, is one of our international partners and the latest activity of our international department is establishing artistic and commercial office in Stockholm, Sweden.

At Your Service

Television programs

Filmmaking in industrial and commercial fields

Production and distributing Teasers

Animation and three-dimensional modeling

Symposium and congress

Cultural and artistic programs


Photography in industrial and commercial fields

Sound Studio

Organizational ceremonies

Digital arts


Composing music

Recording sound and video

Opening and Unveiling

Producing Clips


Special Effects

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